6 ways the Canadian government could spend $16 billion dollars

[ID: Image from Energy Tracker Project showing Canada spent $11.86 billion USD on fossil fuel companies in comparison to $222.78 million supporting clean energy since the pandemic.] Photo Credit: Energy Tracker Project

1. $150 million to kickstart 100 Indigenous-led renewable energy projects.

2) $3.2 billion dollars can end all boil water advisories on First Nations reserves.

This would ensure all communities have access to clean drinking water for good. More than 100 Indigenous communities across Canada do not have access to safe drinking water. This is a public health crisis. Canada’s own parliamentary budget officer claims that a $3.2 billion investment will bring First Nations water systems up to the standards of non-Indigenous communities.

3) $5 billion in emergency funding for Canada’s largest transit union to support public transportation.

Transit is an essential service, and provides much needed service to communities who depend on public transportation. For less than one third of what they’ve invested in fossil fuels, Canada could meet the request of ATU Canada, the country’s largest transit union, which has asked the federal government for $5 billion in emergency funding. These funds would support transit workers who are on the frontlines of COVID-19, including offsetting the increased costs due to lost transit revenue, prioritizing PPE for transit system workers, and providing sick leave and job protection in the midst of the global crisis.

4) $5 billion dollars a year could provide affordable housing for those that need it most.

Housing is a basic human right and need. Instead of securing fossil fuel executives’ next paychecks, we can invest in affordable housing options for communities experiencing homelessness.

5) $200 million to address the opioid crisis.

For the past four years, BC and other provinces have been grappling with an opioid crisis. And COVID-19 has led to an increase in overdose and stalled progress on opioid prevention initiatives. These much needed funds will allow health authorities to scale up harm reduction services and invest in wide scale implementation of safe supply pilot programs.

6) $300 million annually to run over 100 programs that replace policing in communities across the country.

We need to ensure no more Black and Indigenous lives are lost to state-sanctioned police violence. This starts with cutting the power of policing and surveillance and instead investing in programs that actually make communities safer.

[ID: An adult helps a child and text above their head reads “put people’s health and wellbeing first, no exceptions] Art by Corrina Keeling (@lovelettersforeverybody).



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