7 Climate Delayers and Deniers we can Defeat by Supporting Climate Champions in this Election

Here are 7 candidates we simply can’t afford to elect in this election if we want action on the climate crisis — luckily, they’re up against climate champions who can defeat them.

Candidates our climate can’t afford from left to right, Julie Dzerowicz (Davenport), Kerry Diotte (Edmonton Griesbach), Terry Beech (Burnaby North-Seymour), Taleeb Noormohamed (Vancouver Granville), Seamus O’Regan (St. John’s South — Mount Pearl), Steven Guilbeault (Laurier — Sainte-Marie)

1. Seamus O’Regan (Climate Delayer) vs. Ray Critch (Climate Champion) in St. John’s South — Mount Pearl

As one of the most vocal defenders of Big Oil in Trudeau’s cabinet, Seamus O’Regan’s office is directly responsible for the snail’s pace roll-out of climate legislation under the Liberal government. He formed a secret committee with Big Oil to promote fossil fuel expansion during COVID-19, and he often comes off more like he represents Big Oil and Big Mining rather than his own constituents. That's why we've endorsed Ray Critch in O'Regan's riding this election. The son of a cod fisherman, Critch has firsthand experience with a major economic transition.

2. Kerry Diotte (Climate Denier) vs. Blake Desjarlais (Climate Champion) in Edmonton Griesbach

For years, Kerry Diotte opposed federal climate action. He spoke at an anti-carbon tax rally in 2016 organized and supported by a number of notable climate deniers and denial groups, including Ezra Levant and Friends of Science. As a cheerleader for Big Oil CEOs, he’s done nothing to support workers and communities through a just transition. In contrast, Blake Desjarlais is committed to fighting for the people of Edmonton and workers across Alberta. Desjarlais Will be a true champion for people and the planet.

3. Steven Guilbeault (Climate Delayer) vs. Nimâ Machouf (Climate Champion) in Laurier — Sainte-Marie

Steven Guilbeault has had so many chances to stand out as a climate champion. Once a climate activist himself, Guilbeault went from first-time candidate in 2019 straight to Cabinet. But even with a seat at the most powerful political table in the country, he failed to turn the Liberal ship on climate. He has gone from pipeline opponent to Trans Mountain apologist, and from a fossil fuel fighter to another cog in the Liberal climate delay machine. It’s time to defeat Guilbeault and elect Nimâ Machouf instead, a leader with the courage to tackle the climate crisis. With a background in public health and years of experience in community organizing, Machouf has a deep understanding of climate justice. She has a chance to defeat Stephen Guilbeault.

4. Helena Konanz (Climate Denier) vs. Richard Cannings (Climate Champion) in South Okanagan-West Kootenay

Helena Konanz is a Conservative Candidate who refuses to meaningfully talk about climate change and skipped the riding’s local candidate climate debate back in 2019. On the other hand, Richard Cannings is a true climate champion who is in touch with his community members and a vocal advocate for bold climate action in Parliament. He is fighting to defend his seat and he’s in a close race with Konanz. This is one of the ridings most acutely impacted by climate-driven wildfires and it’s critical that it stays in the hands of a true champion.

5. Terry Beech (Climate Delayer) vs. Jim Hanson (Climate Champion) in Burnaby North — Seymour

Even after 6 years in office in the Liberal caucus, Beech has failed to deliver any action for his constituents who overwhelmingly oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline — a project which terminates in his riding. On the National #CanadaOnFire day of action on July 29th, Beech not only refused to sign 350 Canada’s pledge calling on him to support an end to fossil fuel expansion and a just transition for all, he went on a long rant in defense of Trudeau’s climate record (a record which international experts have deemed highly insufficient). Beech is nothing more than another Trudeau apologist and cog in the Liberal “climate delay” machine. On the flip side, Jim Hanson has committed to do everything in his power to stop TMX and he’s been a vocal advocate for climate action as a North Vancouver City Councillor.

6. Julie Dzerowicz (Climate Delayer) vs. Alejandra Bravo (Climate Champion) in Davenport

Julie Dzerowicz has been in the Liberal caucus for over six years but she’s failed to fight for real climate action by pushing to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline, introduce just transition legislation, and end Trudeau’s fossil fuel subsidies. It’s clear that Dzerowicz is in it for the politics — not people or the planet. But the people of Davenport have an opportunity to choose a different path and elect Alejandra Bravo. Through her activism with the Power Lab and the Broadbent Institute, Bravo has always been a strong voice in support of tackling systemic inequality, climate inaction, and racial injustice in Canada.

7. Taleeb Noormohamed (Climate Delayer) vs. Anjali Appadurai (Climate Champion) in Vancouver Granville

In the last 17 years, Liberal candidate Taleeb Noormohamed flipped 42 properties to make himself millions of dollars in the midst of Vancouver’s housing crisis. He has a track record of putting his own interests above his community. When it comes to climate change, we can expect he will do the same and put Big Oil’s profits ahead of a safe planet — just like Justin Trudeau. Vancouver Granville deserves a real champion like their NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai. Appadurai is a long-time community organizer and climate activist who will fight for climate action, housing for all, and a better future for everyday people.



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