7 game-changing candidates who can transform Canada’s climate politics

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6 min readAug 31, 2021
Pictured are 4 of the 7 game-changers 350 Canada is endorsing in this election. From left to right, Amy Norman (Labrador), Anjali Appadurai (Vancouver Granville), Anna Keenan (Malpeque), and Avi Lewis (West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country)

This federal election will be the first to take place under smoke-filled skies with thousands of people under evacuation alerts due to climate-fuelled wildfires.This is also, possibly, the last election where we’ve got the opportunity to elect a government that will act with courage to tackle the climate emergency before it’s too late.

With the climate emergency unmistakably at our doorstep, it’s clear that we can’t afford another four years of Justin Trudeau’s half measures and empty promises when it comes to climate action.

We need bold, courageous leaders who are ready to rise to the challenge of the climate emergency with ambitious action to transform our economy to meet the demands of this moment and better the lives of working people across the country.

That’s why, today, we’re endorsing 7 game-changing candidates who are ready to do just that. These Game Changers are activists and social movement leaders who have dedicated their lives to fighting for climate action and social justice — and they are entering the political arena to champion real solutions that address the root causes of the climate crisis: inequality, racism, and colonialism.

These 7 Game Changers could upend the status quo of climate inaction in Canada but they are in some tough fights and they need your help to win their seats in Parliament.

Anjali Appadurai (NDP) Vancouver Granville

Anjali is one of the most exciting candidates in this election. A longtime climate organizer, Anjali has fought for climate justice everywhere from United Nations climate talks around the world to the streets of Vancouver where she’s running this election in Vancouver Granville.

As the NDP candidate in Jody Wilson-Raybould’s former riding, Anjali is championing a Green New Deal style plan for tackling the climate emergency and the compounding crises of inequality and unaffordable housing. In stark contrast, the Liberal candidate she’s up against has made millions profiting from flipping over 40 properties in the midst of Vancouver’s housing crisis.

We’re following this close race from the edge of our seats especially after the recent news that the Green candidate has indicated he may step down and endorse Anjali’s campaign if the NDP makes proportional representation a top priority.

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Amy Norman (NDP) Labrador

A young Inuk woman born and raised in Labrador, Amy has spent her entire life living on the frontlines of the climate crisis. With deep roots in her community, a commitment to climate justice, and years of dedicated activism as an Indigenous rights defender and land protector, Amy will bring a powerful voice for bold climate action to Ottawa.

Amy’s platform calls for an immediate moratorium on fossil fuel expansion and “a truly just transition, with supports to develop clean energy and good long-term jobs.”

Amy’s up against a lifelong Liberal incumbent and backbencher who has no climate record to speak of.

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Anna Keenan (Green) Malpeque

With more than a decade of grassroots climate movement experience from youth climate organizing at the United Nations climate talks to working on big, global climate mobilizations, Anna has a track record of bold leadership. She directed PEI’s campaign for Proportional Representation and has worked on a range of community projects. Anna understands that meeting the climate emergency requires working across party lines, listening to the community, and working with movements to make change happen.

The longtime Liberal incumbent in Malpeque isn’t running again so this is a wide-open race where we can have an impact.

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Avi Lewis (NDP) West Vancouver — Sunshine Coast — Sea to Sky Country

As a journalist and activist, Avi has spent most of his life fighting for social and climate justice. An author of the Leap Manifesto and advocate for a Green New Deal, he understands that we can only solve the climate crisis by tackling economic inequality and racial injustice at the same time.

We can’t think of anyone better suited to take on Liberal climate delay and Conservative climate denial — and we’ll need to unite the climate vote to help him defeat the Liberal incumbent and win this critical three-way race.

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Paul Taylor (NDP) Parkdale — High Park

Before jumping into the political arena, Paul Taylor spent years organizing against poverty, for affordable housing, and for social justice. Since throwing his hat into the political ring, he’s been a voice for Indigenous rights and a made-in-Canada Green New Deal that tackles the climate emergency and invests in social housing and public transit for all. Paul has been a dedicated advocate for justice his entire life and he would bring a powerful voice for real climate action to Ottawa.

Paul’s up against backbencher and Liberal incumbent Arif Virani who has spent the last 6 years defending the Liberal government’s climate delay.

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Tria Donaldson (NDP) Regina — Lewvan

Tria has been organizing for climate justice since before Justin Trudeau was elected as a backbench Liberal MP. A founding member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Tria helped organize the first PowerShift Canada in 2009, training hundreds of young climate organizers. She’s attended United Nations climate talks, fought for federal climate action, organized to protect wild places in BC and been involved in countless climate and social justice campaigns all across the country, especially where she’s running in Saskatchewan. Tria understands how people power and political power work together to make change happen.

Tria is running a Conservative-NDP swing riding where uniting the climate vote can help her win the election.

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Joan Phillip (NDP) Central Okanagan — Similkameen — Nicola

Joan is a pillar of the BC climate justice movement. She has led many mobilizations against the Trans Mountain pipeline. As a lifelong advocate for Indigenous rights and a member of the Penticton Indian Band and the Okanagan Nation Alliance, Joan will fight to tackle the climate emergency in a way that affirms Indigenous rights and sovereignty. She’s going up against Conservative incumbent Dan Albas.

With wildfires burning across the riding this election, Joan can directly challenge Albas’ record of climate denial. This spring Albas tried to kill Canada’s climate accountability bill after an unsuccessful push to let fossil fuel lobbyists rewrite the legislation. Electing Joan Phillip would unseat a climate denier, and put a true climate champion into office.

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In the coming weeks, we’ve got some big plans to support these candidates and other critical races across the country.

We’ve also got another upcoming round of endorsements that we will announce soon.

To get the latest updates on our campaign and see our full slate of endorsed candidates, visit our Climate Emergency Voters Alliance website.

3 of the 7 game-changing climate champions 350 Canada’s endorsing in this election. From left to right, Paul Taylor (Parkdale High Park), Tria Donaldosn ( Regina — Lewvan), and Joan Phillip (Central Okanagan — Similkameen — Nicola)



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