Build back better or build TMX?

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2 min readNov 30, 2020
Climate Justice Victoria’s #DefundTMX action on November 17th 2020. Photo Credit: Karissa Chandrakate

Earlier today, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland delivered a fall fiscal update in the House of Commons. The update made it clear that there is so much our government needs to spend money on right now to help us build back better. And, it made it even clearer that we can’t afford to keep pumping billions of dollars into a pipeline that we don’t need.

So why is our government still planning to spend billions of public dollars on a pipeline that their own regulator said is unnecessary? Well, let’s ask them.

This Wednesday, Minister Freeland and Prime Minister Trudeau are hosting a town hall. And, they’re taking questions. If we flood the town hall with questions about the billions we’re expecting to spend on Trans Mountain, we can send this government a clear message: it’s time to defund this pipeline and put that money where it’s really needed.

Follow these three easy steps to submit your question.

  1. Click here to get to the question submission page.
  2. Fill out the form and include this question as either a written question or a recorded video:

“The Canada Energy Regulator made it clear that the Trans Mountain pipeline is incompatible with our climate goals. Why is our government spending billions on a pipeline that is taking critical, public dollars away from things that people really need?”

3. Head to social media and post about your question with the hashtag #DefundTMX to let us know you took action. If you don’t have social media, just email to let us know you submitted your question.

4. Tune in to Trudeau and Freeland’s town hall on Wednesday at 5pm Eastern to find out if our question got answered.

Let’s ramp up the pressure. If we flood the town hall question submission process with hundreds of questions about the unnecessary public spending on the Trans Mountain pipeline, we will demonstrate the mounting support for the demand to Defund TMX.

We all know that last week, the Canada Energy Regulator released a report showing that even with climate goals lower than net-zero, there is no need for either the Keystone XL or Trans Mountain pipelines.

So, why does Justin Trudeau want to spend more than $12 billion public dollars on the Trans Mountain pipeline?

Only he can answer that question. Help us make sure he does.



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