History has been made by the Kinder Morgan resistance.

By Atiya Jaffar

Years from now, people are going to look back at March 2018 as a moment when history was made.

Watch: the beauty of 10,000 people standing in resistance to Kinder Morgan.

10,000 people strong

Almost 200 arrests on Burnaby Mountain

Watch: 170+ arrests on Burnaby Mountain

Starting on March 17th, wave upon wave of concerned community members marched to the Kinder Morgan terminal on Burnaby Mountain, tied themselves to the gates — blocking access to the facility for hours and breaking the company’s court-granted injunction until they were arrested by RCMP officers.

These courageous action takers included Indigenous activists from across the continent, youth prepared to fight for their future, a former employee of TransMountain who was ready to stand on the right side of history, grandparents taking action for their grandchildren, couples participating together in partnership, a palliative care nurse who wanted to fight for life, and mothers joining arm in arm with their daughters.

There were some high profile participants as well: Indigenous actress and activist, Carmen Moore; the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May; and NDP MP, Kennedy Stewart. May and Stewart became the first ever sitting MPs to get arrested in solidarity with an Indigenous-led fight for climate justice.

Solidarity from Coast to Coast

Watch: A summary of 50+ actions across Canada

Then, just this Tuesday, community members in Ottawa staged an occupation at the office of federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna. They held space until the Minister agreed to pay a visit to the Coast Salish Watch House on Burnaby Mountain — date is to be confirmed. The Ottawa-based residents pledged to visit the office again to hold the Minister to her word.

A Global Fight

After almost 3 weeks of unprecedented resistance to Kinder Morgan, Coast Salish spiritual leaders called for a week of ceremony before resuming bold actions. Already, this week has brought healing, and strengthened resilience as the Watch House welcomes guests from across the Lower Mainland for prayer, spiritual resistance, and community events. To learn more about events at the Watch House, click here.

Giving Trudeau a West Coast Welcome

Resistance is here to stay.

!0,000 people marching to #ProtecttheInlet on Burnaby Mountain on March 10th. Photo Credit: Rogue Collective



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