Moments in the Resistance to Energy East (Part 1)

Story 1: A lesson on true climate leadership.

Toronto 350 Executive Katie Krelove confronts Justin Trudeau on Energy East months before he was elected as Prime Minister.

It’s almost hard to remember now, but at the time, pipelines were not commonplace in political parlance, and climate-concerned citizens were attempting to change that.

Mr. Trudeau had already been confronted in Nova Scotia on his support for Energy East, and we knew that his strategy was to be friendly to activists — while repeating his now-tired line of “getting our resources to market”. Our goal was to keep up the pressure.

Now that Transcanada has cancelled its Energy East application due to the addition of a well-fought for climate test to the NEB review, I know that, despite what the mainstream media and oil-industry critics say, Justin Trudeau did not stop Energy East. I know that the real climate leaders are us.

— Story from Katie Krelove (Toronto)

Story 2: A win for all fossil fuel fighters.

Organizers from Halifax confront Trudeau on Energy East.

In the early days of Energy East I was part of an organizing crew here in Halifax that was super active. We were organizers with a range of experience, a range of ages, and we came together to stop this fossil fuel nightmare.

We bird dogged Justin Trudeau through his entire rise through the Liberal party, we applied to be intervenors at the NEB, we had information sessions, we went to trainings and gatherings to build our organizing skills. Through the successes and failures of this crew, we learned a lot about how to organize for justice.

Yesterday, the crew finally got to celebrate together. We didn’t invite only our little crew, but brought along people fighting all kinds of fights — against other fossil fuel projects, against the destruction of Indigenous lands, for the respect of treaties and our collective right to a healthy environment.

By celebrating together, I hope we can hold the energy of this win and the things we learned along the way, and carry them into our other critical fights.



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