The road to a made-in-Canada Green New Deal

Green New Deal panel in Ottawa at Powershift Young & Rising, February 2019. Photo Credit: Allan Lissner

But bringing this idea to life will mean transformative policy change to completely retool the economy. And, in order for it to truly work for everyone, the vision for a Green New Deal must be built from the ground up.

Who decides what’s in a Green New Deal and what isn’t?

There are almost 200 town halls taking place all across the country. Join one near you to help shape a shared vision for Canada’s Green New Deal.

That’s why in the lead up to the federal election, we will have to build a massive people-powered movement to fight for Canada’s Green New Deal.



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350 Canada

350 Canada

Pushing Canada to take real #climate leadership by freezing #tarsands and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We're part of a global climate justice movement.