This is our moment to stop Kinder Morgan — here’s how we think we can do it

Let’s start with three assumptions. The first: if you’re reading this, you, like us, want to stop the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline.

March 24th bold action at the Kinder Morgan terminal facility on Burnaby Mountain. Photo Credit: Rogue Collective

We have good reason to believe that while Trudeau and his cabinet are ready to hedge their political future on this pipeline, the majority of of people in Canada oppose bailing out this pipeline. And that many Liberal MP’s are not be fully on board with Trudeau’s desperate pipeline push.

Back in 2015, the Liberals promised real change and yet they’re pulling all the tricks from the Harper government’s play book to trample over people and bend to the whims of Big Oil. So let’s show this government they are setting themselves up to lose big time if they bow down to Big Oil. Let’s show them what real change looks like. Here’s the plan:

First, we have to start a whirlwind.

The fight to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline is not new. This fight started on the same waters and lands where it’s being fought most voraciously today — the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. From day one, members of these nations have been at the forefront of protecting the water, land, and climate from this dangerous project.

March 23rd #DefendtheWater action on Salt Spring Island — this was one action out of 50+ across Canada in solidarity with Indigenous-led resistance to Kinder Morgan
A snapshot from another moment of the whirlwind: iconic Idle No More demonstration on Parliament Hill in 2013.

Once it’s moving, we need to use the whirlwind to make this fight something more than a campaign.

Quite frankly, we need a revolution. We’re not talking about a revolution in the rusty kalashnikov and fatigues sense, but rather, a political revolution, in the Bernie Sanders sense. A moment where thousands of us step up and take action, many for the first time in our lives, to upend politics-as-usual.

But, we have to recognize that this revolution is about more than just a pipeline.

It’s easy to look at the campaign to stop Kinder Morgan as a fight to stop a single pipeline, in part because the pipeline itself is such a terrible idea. But there’s so much more to it. This fight is about much bigger things that will define the course of national politics in this country, and fundamentally impact the rest of the world.

This fight is about justice.

The case of Colten Boushie, an Indigenous youth who was murdered by a white man is being taken to the United Nations after the Canadian courts failed to deliver justice to his family.

This fight is about survival.

Outside of the Ottawa political bubble, it’s pretty common knowledge that building Kinder Morgan would make it impossible for Canada to meet its international climate commitments. But, what does that actually mean?

This fight is about our government choosing foreign billionaires over people.

Autumn Peltier, 12, cries as she hands gifts to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and calls on him to protect the water. Photo by Alex Tétreault (2016)

This fight is about dignity.

What happens now lays the foundation for what happens next.

A few weeks ago. almost a thousands people showed up to greet Trudeau with a #StopKM message as he joined a Liberal party fundraiser in Vancouver. (JONATHAN HAYWARD / THE CANADIAN PRESS
March 10th: a historic moment of resistance when Coast Salish Indigenous leaders built a Watch House on the path of the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline on Burnaby Mountain and 10,000 people marched in solidarity.

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