Three things people in Canada need to know about the new International Energy Agency report

1. This makes it clear that spending any more public money on the Trans Mountain pipeline is a terrible idea.

Studies have already shown this project’s ballooning costs could drain billions of dollars from the public coffers and that building Trans Mountain is out of step with Canada’s climate commitments. Now, the IEA is backing that up, showing that if Canada keeps throwing public dollars at this project, they are either wasting them, or paying for a project that will ensure we break our climate commitments. This report is another clear message to Trudeau that it’s time to defund the Trans Mountain pipeline and put that money towards helping people.

2. Canada is falling even further behind when it comes to planning for a Just Transition.

When the IEA starts saying that the era of new fossil fuel development is over, you know a big shift is happening. But, it’s been 2 years since Justin Trudeau promised to table a Just Transition Act with no action. We’ve heard that Minister Seamus O’Regan is “working on it” but without a timeline or a sense of urgency, communities, families and working people are being left with big promises and little action. This IEA report should be a wake up call for Trudeau, O’Regan and the rest of Canada’s government that it’s time to deliver a Just Transition that guarantees good, green, union jobs and leaves no one behind.

3. We can’t wait for Justin Trudeau to wake up and start acting like the climate emergency is real, or to do what even the IEA now admits is necessary.

We know he will respond to this news with some half baked line about the environment and the economy or talk about planting trees, all while ignoring that Canada’s largest source of emissions is the oil and gas industry. We need bold solutions, and the only way we’re going to get them is to break the Liberal bad vs. Conservative worse climate status quo in Canada. Our best chance to do that is a Climate Emergency Alliance between the NDP & the Greens. This week, we’re turning up the heat on that campaign and you can click here to find out more.



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