Three things people in Canada need to know about the new International Energy Agency report

By Cam Fenton, Canada Team Lead for

Today, the International Energy Agency, one of the world’s most influential energy forecasters, released a landmark report detailing what they see the world needing to do in order to stay within 1.5ºC of warming. The headlines are simple, first investing more money in new fossil fuel projects makes absolutely no sense. Second, building any new fossil fuel projects, or supporting any fossil fuel exploration, is dangerously out of step with a safe climate.

As you know, we’ve been saying these things for a long time. But, to have them come from the IEA is a big deal. Here in Canada, IEA forecasts have been a huge part of how governments and regulators validate their support for tar sands and other fossil fuel expansion. Now that the IEA, a notoriously conservative and pro-fossil fuel organization, is telling the world that the era of fossil fuels is over that has some big implications for Canada.

1. This makes it clear that spending any more public money on the Trans Mountain pipeline is a terrible idea.

2. Canada is falling even further behind when it comes to planning for a Just Transition.

3. We can’t wait for Justin Trudeau to wake up and start acting like the climate emergency is real, or to do what even the IEA now admits is necessary.

While today’s report from the IEA is good news, we also need to remember that as more and more companies and governments announce plans to reach “net zero emissions”, that term is starting to mean less and less. We can’t let “net zero” become just another greenwashed, messaging trope where Big Oil and their powerful friends create elaborate talking points and trade-off schemes to keep driving up emissions.

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