Trudeau’s buying a dying pipeline project — but it won’t be built

Protestors gather at the ‘No Buyout, No Kinder Morgan’ rally in downtown Vancouver May 29, 2018. (Credit: Julia-Simone Rutgers/The Discourse)

It’s not just a bad deal. It’s a shady one.

Even Trudeau seems to realize that this is a bad decision because his government is trying their hardest to move it forward in the shadows — avoiding, wherever possible, any forum for public scrutiny.

This should raise red flags because if there’s one area where we’ve seen consistency from the Trudeau government, it’s in their determination to “consult us to death.” At every major decision-making moment, the Trudeau cabinet makes an exaggerated effort to “consult the public.” We saw it at first with the climate action town halls, extra ministerial pipeline review panel, electoral reform consultations, and more recently with the cannabis town halls.

Trudeau might have tried to prevent it but the people did have their say

Altogether 70 MPs were invited to People’s Town Halls on the pipeline buyout but only 10 of them attended (3 of whom were Liberal).

These community gatherings were one instance of many of the groundswell of communities ready to step up, organize, and build a vibrant community of resistance to the TransMountain project. After all, community is the building block of this struggle.

The facts simply don’t line up

Against this reality, Trudeau wants to spend billions to buyout a pipeline? That’s like bulking up in matches when your house is on fire. It’s turning up the temperature when you’ve already burnt your toast. It’s not just ridiculous: it’s immoral, unethical, and aggravates a global catastrophe.

Resistance is fertile

From beginning to end, as temperatures rose this July so did resistance.

Coast Salish spiritual leader and elder Ta’ah Amy George leads a water ceremony on the waters of the Burrard Inlet on July 14th. Photo Credit: Rogue Collective

This moment is a bittersweet and pivotal one

This is a strange moment in history. Not many people could have predicted that Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan would abandon its tar sands pipeline only to pave way for the Canadian government to step in and buy the project instead.

Will you RISE with us on September 8th?

Art by Christi Belcourt



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