We can’t ignore the rise of the far right. We have to out-organize it.

  • Shepherds of Good Hope Ottawa. Over the weekend, convoy protestors harassed staff and volunteers and assaulted a service user at a downtown homeless shelter. Donate to them here.
  • Ottawa Community Care Fund. This group is raising money to facilitate mutual aid and community care to support marginalized people in Ottawa who are suffering from the effects of the Convoy. Donate here.
  • Naujawan Support Network (NSN). Every month employers steal thousands of dollars of their workers’ wages, targeting immigrant and racialized communities in particular. NSN is organizing to put an end to it. Chip in to their legal defence fund.
  • Assembly of Seven Generations. This group is an Indigenous youth-led organization that provides cultural support, transportation, meals and emergency support for Indigenous youth in Ottawa. Donate to them here.



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350 Canada

350 Canada


Pushing Canada to take real #climate leadership by freezing #tarsands and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We're part of a global climate justice movement.